Kyle C. Foreman
2600 Preston Rd Apt 508
Plano, Texas 75093

To Advance My professional Career as A

S o f t w a r e   D e v e l o p e r

Focus of Professional Experience
  • A passionate and driven individual with a very wide base of experience.
  • Proven Competencies in: Project Conceptualization Design & System Development, Unit Testing, Integration and Installation - Application Fine Tuning / Upgrade - Network Administration - User Training - Performance Tracking & Analysis.
  • Well Versed in a Full Range of Technical Support and Operations Management Disciplines. Skilled in the Protocols of Client Relations. An Articulate, Positive Technical Representative for a Company and its Business Charter

Academic Preparation
  B.S., Computer Science, Texas State University. Conferred 1993
  Graduate of Lockhart High School, Lockhart. Texas.   1988

Professional Skills
  Hardware PC’S; PC Servers (Dell, Compaq and HP, etc).
  Operating Systems Microsoft NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7; Microsoft Mobile Platforms; DOS
  Servers Microsoft NT/2000/2003/2008/SQL Server 2000 – 2008
  Software Microsoft Office; Symantec pcAnywhere. Visual Studio 6.0 to Visual Studio 2008; Visual Source Safe, Source Off Site, Altiris Wise Installation Studio 7; Bomgar. Personal Oracle
  Development VB 6.0; VB.Net; C#; ASP; Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 to 3.5; Microsoft Compact Framework; Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to 2008 ; Frontpage
  Networking TCP/IP; MS Terminal Services; Telnet Protocols

Experience Highlights
SOFTWARE DEVELOPER/LEAD, Club Technology Corp, Irving Texas May 2004 to Novemer 2008
Designs/Installs/Manages member-based total management systems at country clubs and resorts nationwide.

  • Project leader for the Visual Basic 6.0 to .net Conversion. Architected all the .Net Middle Tier Business Objects based on the current Active X Middle Tier Objects
  • Redeveloped the ClubTec Installation process using Wise 7. Clubtec’s current Wise product had no support for .net components.
  • Developed a Server Manager Object Interop for the Clubtec software. The Clubtec software was using the SQL Server Database Management object. The SQL DMO object does not work reliably with any version of Microsoft SQL server above Server 2003. Clubtec uses the DMO/SMO object to discover SQL Servers on the network, perform restore and backups.
  • Team member in the development of a Client Support tool for ClubTec’s technical support department. Test and install a support tool for the technical support department. Designed and developed .Net Objects such as a App Logger object that would log any errors the application encountered to prevent the application from terminating unexpectedly.
  • Developed proprietary reporting engine. The Report Designer was developed in vb6.0 and redeveloped in VB.Net. Report Designer develops reports against multiple SQL databases using stored procedures for data mining. The Report Designer has a built in propriety Proc Builder that allows the user to visually build and test stored procedures that can then be referenced in the body of the report. The Report rendering engine and the Proc Builder were both designed as .net controls for re-usability throughout the rest of the ClubTec Software.
  • Researched and developed a handheld Point of Sale system that runs on the Windows Mobile Platform. The POS System was initially developed with in the Visual Studio 2003/2005 environment utilizing the Compact Framework. Mobile SQL Server was used as the localized database engine.
  • Project Lead for the Desktop Point of Sale System enhancements. Collected all enhancement requests, prioritized them based on both speed of implementation and priority based on customer feedback. Prepared project plan to implement the enhancements and then executed the plan completing the enhancements on time.
  • Researched and Developed a Visual Studio 6.0 object to monitor network printers and print servers. Developed a monitoring application to show the current status of any print server on the network using the ctcPrint Monitor Object. Also integrated the ctcPrint Monitor object into the Point of Sale system to monitor the status of each print Queue the Point of Sale system was using. If any print queue was unavailable, the user would be alerted so they could perform any corrective action required.

  Network Administration Activities
  • Provided Network Administration during transition from the previous IT Manager to the new IT Manager
    • Basic network access of 40 person office environment
    • Basic administration of Exchange server
  • Responsible for all Development Systems within the Development Department before and during the life cycle of the equipment assigned to the developers.
    • Setup of the operating system
    • Setup of the development environment
    • Setup of VPN Software
Operations/Technical Support Manager, Kyle Foreman Enterprises May 2003 to February 2004
Total P&L responsibility for the day-to-day operation of this provider of billing services for international long distance wholesalers.
  • Managed Telecommunications billing systems. Designed and implemented an AutoFTP application to poll specific FTP sites and download files.
  • Designed three Telecommunications Call Record Loaders that covert a defined format into a bulk loadable format. Developed a Block EBCDIC to ASCII conversion process. Created a Web Interface for Back End processing and monitoring

Platinum Communications/Direct Insite Corporation, Dallas Texas February 1997 to May 2003
  Dallas Operations Manager 2000-2003  
  Technical Support Manager 1999-2003  
  Software Developer 1997-1999  
  Technical Support Activities:
  • Trained, motivated and supervised three Software Support Engineers. Principal participation in organizing and directing activities which resulted in a dramatic enhancement in customer support and customer relations.
  • Developed Training documentation for the AMS Billing System. Trained the End User on how to use the AMS Billing System.
  • Enhanced Platinum's In house fulfillment process, by stream lining the data collection and processing, invoice generation and distribution.

  Software Development Activities:
  • Developed interface for real time Call record Collection, balance reporting and prepaid card maintenance for Prepaid telephony systems
  • Developed Btrieve to SQL data/structure conversion utility to convert Btrieve Records to SQL data
  • Member of Total Team Effort to convert DOS based billing system to Windows system with SQL database
  • Developed and installed a system to allow stand-alone reporting for the billing system using the Crystal Reports 8.0 Report engine.
  • Developed various applications to assist the Software Support Team to better manage the AMS System.
  Network Administration Activities:
  • Managed Domain Controllers, Exchange Servers, MS SQL Servers and MS Web Servers. Also managed two internal telephone systems.
  • Implemented office TCP/IP LAN: Supported all office management workstations, software development and product management workstations
  • Installed and supported MS Terminal Services and Symantec pcAnywhere for remote management and software development.